Student Safety and Security



Safety and security is a tremendous issue on college campuses and additional procedures need to be taken to prevent dangerous incidents from occurring. The purpose of campus security is to make sure the campus is safe for all students from the moment that they step foot onto the campus as freshmen to the time that they leave to enter the “real world” as college graduates. Not only should the students feel safe, but the parents who send their children miles away from home should also feel a sense of security about sending their child away to school. College drinking and drug abuse are the leading factors of sexual assault/harassment cases on college campuses. Some students tend to start drinking because of the immense stress that college causes them, which can lead to mental health issues as well. If victims of sexual assault/harassment do not receive the proper care and support, it can lead them to have post-traumatic stress or other mental health issues that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, mental health, college drinking, and sexual assault are just a few of the issues concerning student safety and security on college campuses that need to be combatted.